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Molepolole is Botswana's biggest village. It lies in the south east of the county. The people who reside in Molepolole are the Bakwena, who are one of the three major tribes in Botswana.The Bakwena chief was among the three chiefs who went to England to seek protection from the British in the colonial era. Molepolole serves as the capital of the Bakwena. It was named after the Molepolole river. Molepolole is 50km away from the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone.It is one of the largest traditional villages in Africa with a population of over 69,789 people as of 2008. It lies 50 kilometres west of the capital Gaborone, and acts as gateway for exploring the Kalahari desert.It has a large traditional court (or kgotla) and is the location of the Scottish Livingstone Hospital, one of the nation's largest

Sites of Interest

Maphefo - This is an abandoned Kwena village site, situated 20–25 miles N-NE of Molepolole.

Maokagane Hills - Near "Kopong" caves. Among these hills are a) an iron smelting site; b) rock paintings and c) the Lowe cave at Kopong.

Ga Kala - in the Kopong hills. Old mining site about an hour's walk SE of Lentswe-le-tau, north of the Mochudi-Molepolole road. Lentswe-le-tau - An iron smelting site.

Kopong Hills - A cave; rock engravings in the hills and rock engravings some 18 miles north of Molepolole. Also Kopong water caves.

Molepolole - a) Execution Rock - Kobokwe; b) Sokwane, grave of Motswasele II situated NE of Molepolole; c) Footprints on the rock in Molepolole Hill; d) Burial cairns of Sechele I, Sebele I and Sebele II on kraal site of old Molepolole village site where Sebele I also stayed with favourite wife after village had moved to Borakalalo 1899/1900.

Borakalalo - a) Molepolole since 1899/1900; b) LMS Church in Borakalalo; c) Anglican Church built 1916.

Mokgophaneng - Sebele's cattle post and settlement of some Bakwena who left Molepolole Hill.

Logaga Lwa Ga Kabokwe - Livingstone and Sechele's Cave about 2 miles from Molepolole on Molepolole-Moshupa road. This cave is said to be the home of a spirit.

Dithubaruba - Kwena capital after Dimawe and Kolobeng; Livingstone arrived here in 1853.

Dithejwane - Situated 8 miles SSW of Molepolole on Kanye road. Has stone wall and hut foundation remains.

Kolobeng - a) Old Kwena capital until 1853. Dam on Kolobeng River for irrigation; b) Livingstone's house and workshop; c) Sechele's square house designed by Livingstone; d) Grave of Elizabeth Livingstone born and died there 1850.

Dimawe - Old Kwena capital after Kolobeng, settled in August 1851 and attacked by Boers in August 1852.

Letlhakane Valley - Rock engravings.

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