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Tonota is a village located in the Central District of Botswana. The people in Tonota are said to be Bakhurutshe who fought against some other tribes they found there and after winning the war, they owned the land and they became 'Ba bina khama le phofu'. The name Tonota is said to be spelled THONOTHA(pronouced DONOTHA) in natural Sekhurutshe but was changed to Tonota due to the influence of the Tswana Languages. The village is located 27 kilometers south of the City of Francistown along the A1(Francistown-Gaborone) road. It lies along the west/south bank of Shashe River which happens to the border between the Central and North East Districts,so Tonota is considered to be in the Central District. Tonota is a large territory comprising of small segments namely; Tonota Village in the south, Semotswane,Mandunyane and Shashe Bridge to the north. The chief of the Tonota village is Kgosi Ramosinyi Radipitse. It was promoted to sub-district from under Tutume in 2003 and new Council Buildings are built in Tonota. There are 10 primary schools in Tonota which are:


Madisakwana Memorial School
Moutlwatsi Memorial school
Rauwe Memorial school
Tonota Primary school
Kgosi Sekoko Memorial school
John Phooko Memorial Primary school
Tholodi Primary school
Semotswane Primary school
Mandunyane Primary School
Masedi Primary school

There are 3 junior secondary schools which are:

Letlhabile Junior School
Rutwang Junior School
Tonota Junior School

And a senior school which is Shashe River School. There is also a college(Tonota College of Education(TCE)). The member of parliament for Tonota South under which the village of Tonota is is Hon.Pono P.P Moatlhodi. The one for Tonota North is Hon.Baledzi Gaolathe.

Tonota like many other villages in Botswana,has many tribes living in it but the majority are Bakhurutshe who occupy the Tholo,Molebatsi,Maaloso,Maunya(Main Khurutshe ward),Madisakwana and Mhakamme wards, and Bakalanga who live in the Manyanda ward. There are also Barotsi in Leomboko ward and BaShona(Zezuru) in Mandunyane. Most of the people from Tonota speak Sekhurutshe-SeNgwato( a languae which is merely an inclusion of Kalanga-like words in SeNgwato) and Kalanga. SeNgwato is a dialect of Setswana which is spoken in the Northern parts of Botswana. It differs with other Setswana dialects because it does not have any word in which the letter /l/ follows the letter /t/ like in other Tswana languages, for example in SeNgwaketse one would say (/tlholego/) meaning (nature) but in SeNgwato one would for the same word say(/tholego/) omitting the letter /l/. All people from the Central District up north speak this 'type' of Setswana.

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